Principles of Posture: How to Activate Your Bio-Mechanical "Springs"

Kevin D Mackay
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A practical guide for self-experimenters

How to Activate Your "Posture Springs"

  • 10 Video Lessons
  • 10 Principles of Posture
  • 10 Self-Experiments
  • 20+ Diagrams
  • 30+ Photos

Think of the way you are sitting right now. Or standing… or lying down.

Could you keep this exact position for 5 minutes? Without fidgeting around, or feeling tense?

I've been sitting upright for 2 hours, focussed on writing and haven't fidgeted once.

I have more energy now than when I sat down.

How? — I use the elastic structures of my back as "springs.”

The missing piece of posture

If you are human you have these "posture springs."

But the way you move and sit is preventing them from working.

What if the solution to posture has been hidden INSIDE you this whole time?

  1. Using your bio-mechanical springs is the key to powerful posture for life.
  2. There is only ONE body shape that "loads" all of the springs at the same time.

Once you get into this specific posture your bio-mechanical springs will keep you in position.

No more sore back, no more tired muscles, no more leaning on chairs or desks.

I've worked with 100s of men and women – and analysed 1000s more – and NO ONE is making this body shape naturally.

The mechanism for powerful posture is built into your body... but you need to flick the switch with your mind.

Then your posture springs will be working for you.

Whether you sit, stand, walk, run, fight or f***

The secret history of “posture springs”

The posture springs have been discovered, lost and rediscovered many times.

The last time an entire culture used their posture springs we had the Ancient Greeks...

Example 1:

When modern men look at Ancient Greek statues they just see muscles and go lift weights..

But Diana Watts, author of "Renaissance of the Greek Ideal" did something different.

She tried getting into the postures of the discus thrower, the archer, and the charioteer she saw:

"The secret consists in a condition of the muscles totally different from any realised by athletes since the time of the Greeks, a condition of Tension, which transforms dead weight into a living force, [i.e. springs]

and which made the Greek as different from the modern human being as a stretched rubber band differs from a slack one.

There are frequent allusions in 'The Iliad' to this power possessed by the Greeks of transforming their muscles on the instant into a condition of almost superhuman force"

Example 2:

F. Matthias Alexander was a Shakespearean actor. He needed poise in public speaking and physical presence on stage.

But then he lost his voice. And every method he tried failed. So he decided to experiment with his posture in front of 3 mirrors.

He found only ONE specific alignment of his Back-Neck-Head that cured his lost voice, mouth breathing habit, and bad posture, all at the same time:

“you are widening your back and bringing the antagonistic pulls [springs] of the back into play—the lifter muscles, properly called the anti-gravity muscles.”

When you see this posture... It's the same shape as some of the Ancient Greek statues!

Example 3:

More recently, elite level sports is beginning to catch up with ancient athletics.

Philip Anloague, Professor of Physical Therapy says:

“Stiff muscles are a counter-intuitive superpower of NBA athletes... Strength is important, but stiffness can help an athlete generate even more power... Like a spring or a rubber band, when the muscle is stretched, that stiffness helps to create elastic energy."

So – if people are able to activate their posture springs during war, live theatre, and elite sports...

You can use your posture springs sitting at your desk, walking down the street, or flirting with a girl!

The REAL reason you have bad posture

If you’ve tried other methods and they didn't work... it's not your fault.

That’s because they aim for the wrong "shape" of posture.

They all want you to "stand up straight with your shoulders back."

You know this doesn't work in practice… but it also doesn’t work in theory!

Pulling your shoulders back in this way makes it impossible to use your posture springs.

So the method you're about to see is different...

It's based on the ONLY shape of posture that activates all the posture springs.

That’s why I can sit here for 2 hours, focussed on writing and haven't fidgeted once.

Why you weren’t taught this in school

Why haven't you heard about these posture springs before?

Because modern life is all about finding cures for specific PARTS.

But the posture springs need alignment of the WHOLE.

The ancient greek education applied their mathematics and philosophy to >>>>>> training for war and athletics.

But we moderns survive with terrible posture because civilization and technology make it easy for us.

If something goes wrong we just find a specialist to patch us up.

In school every subject has its own teacher and room.

Remember when you were a kid fascinated with your own body mechanics and how things work?

The solution is inside you.

The best time to improve your posture

Like planting a tree…

The best time to improve your posture was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

But you can’t expect to get rid of 20 years of bad habits in 20 minutes.

How many times have you slouched in a chair?

Or caught yourself with "text neck" hunched over your phone?

And how many failed attempts to Stand Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back...?

Every day you are being moulded by modern chairs, phones, shoes etc.

If you don’t intervene now then the only way is down.

You've seen those road signs of elderly people stooped over with walking sticks…

You can say no to this predictive programming!

I've been in your (barefoot) shoes

In the last 15 years I have tried almost everything when it comes to posture.

Lifting weights, alternative therapies, expensive chairs, posture devices, stand-up desks, barefoot shoes etc.

Some things made me feel better for a while.. but as soon as I stopped, the bad posture came creeping back.

I kept having to go back for "patchwork." I spent 1000s on training programs, devices, furniture and treatments.

I still wasn’t using my posture springs. I didn’t know the correct body shape that loads the springs.

Then 3 years ago I learned the principles of posture and a method for activating the springs.

Here’s how it works…

The mechanism for powerful posture

To use your body’s "posture springs" it’s important to first understand what gives them all this power.

The first thing you should know is it’s not about big muscles.

Even though muscles are part of the spring system, the real power comes from elastic connective tissue.

These elastic structures connect all parts of the body, from head to toe.

Scientists discovered these “biological springs" are as strong as steel.

But to load a spring you need to pull it from both ends at the same time.

This causes the spring in-between to resist and pull back in the opposite direction – storing elastic recoil energy.

Think of stretching a rubber band between your fingers... all you need to do is release one hand and it pings across the room.

Or jumping on a trampoline and its springs propel you up higher than you could ever jump before…

Or shooting a bow and arrow…

And it's all based on a predictable mechanical principle — elastic energy.

So you don't need big muscles, or a small waistline, or lucky genetics.

How to use your "posture springs"

So let's recap.

Using your bio-mechanical springs is the key to powerful posture for life.

And there is only ONE body shape that "loads" all the springs at the same time.

So, the mechanism for powerful posture is built into your body... but you need to flick the switch with your mind.

Then your posture springs will be working for you... whether you sit, stand, walk, run, fight or f***

Until now I’ve taught this to my "one to one" pupils. They have to pay for a long series of lessons to get the whole system.

But my mission here is to give this to "self-experimenters."

This is where I lay out the whole system.

Here's the plan...

Every Sunday I add a new video lesson to the guide (until complete). You'll be notified by email.

Each week you get just 1 principle (theory) and 1 new experiment (practice) to focus on that week.

This makes it easy to apply what you learn and change your posture.

Some scientists say it takes 66 days to install a new habit.

After 10 weeks the guide will be complete. So that's 70 days of using your springs.

Here's what you get:

“Principles Of Posture: –
A Practical Guide For Self-Experimenters”

  • 10 Video Lessons: short videos each with 1x principle and 1x movement experiment you can do in 10 mins as part of your morning routine or during the day.
  • 10 Principles of Posture: Master your MENTAL posture first. Most of these rules are counter intuitive and not obvious. This is NOT a generic list of "tips."
  • 10 Self-Experiments: Get the only technique you need to activate all your bio-mechanical springs in 10 mins a day. This is NOT a list physical exercises.
  • 20+ Diagrams: See the ONE specific body shape you need to use your posture springs; and how all the springs work as a whole.
  • 30+ Photos: See me and my pupils demonstrate what to do and what to avoid - so you'll always know what to do with each body part in any situation.

Price will be $99 when I've finished adding videos.

It's $49 until then.

Here’s what my pupils say about me...

They learn the same principles and technique you get here:

All of these men had different body types, lifestyles, and goals.

Everyone's posture is unique – but the same general principles have worked for each person.

I've taught: sports stars, coders, dancers, crypto traders, medical doctors, online business owners, meditators, martial artists, engineers, construction workers, fitness coaches, office workers... men, women, young, old, fit, unfit, tall, short…

You can start today.

There are no refunds on this digital product.

Reason: "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." Not everyone will do the work. If you get stuck or have questions, email me to:

So the choice is yours.

You can either keep doing what you're doing and hope your posture gets better all by itself...


For $49 you get the principles and technique that cost me 15 years and over $15,000 (ouch, I just ran the numbers for the first time...)

Ready to join?

Click the "I want this!" button.

See you inside.


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